"Not quite normal" is a statement that probably every fan of the Upper Austrian Metal Band would sign.

With their numerous performances, they have been present continuously since 2011.

Their individual style has already attracted many major organizers, which amongst other things has brought them a performance at the well-known "Metaldays".

This band is not that easy to put into words, but the growing demand shows that they understand to fascinate.

A few years ago the metal-filled guys found a common passion, which manifested itself immediately in the foundation of Dead Territory. Driven by interest in the thrash and death metal bands of the 80s, they formed their own unmistakable style. For the band's practices, their own homes had to be used, which did not always meet the enthusiasm of the neighbors.

Dead Territory is not limited to one style. Melodic riffs, hard drumlines as well as sociable, but also entertaining lyrics are exactly what distinguishes them and with which they arrive well. Hardly anybody can resist to bang the head to their songs.

The year 2016 began with the release of a new album, which the band presented at a release party, in which also some greats of the scene such as "Mosfet" and "Tuxedoo" participated. This was followed by support gigs for bands like Equilibrium, Crowbar and Debauchery.

Dead Territory will follow their unmistakable style and their fans love them for it.